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SiteRank is "The Ranking Directory by Recommendation and Voting", which can perform category creation, site registration, and vote category and site, by user itself. Please use SiteRank for site promotion and netsurfing. The purpose of SiteRank is what "create one useful directory by user recommendation and voting."

The WebMaster, Please register a site for the promotion of your site, and access rise. The registered site information can be changed and deleted at any time, and can also be moved to another category. Of course, it is free service.

The NetSurfer, Please register some convenient site which you use well. use the site used well usually, the convenient site found by netsurfing, the site found by various network investigations, please carry out a bookmark to SiteRank.

With a voting value and the number of accesses, ranking of the recommended site is carried out and it is displayed more on a higher rank in the site listiong of a category and search results.
If you have some question, please contact SiteRank Inc..

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About SiteRank - Webmaster(AD) - Netsurfer - Total Listing
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